Sqrtn Company

Sqrtn stands for Swedish Quality Represent The North.

Sqrtn Company was founded in 2013
in the Northern part of Sweden in a small inland city called Östersund
that is located in Jämtland. Today we are still a small company based in
Östersund, Jämtland although we are growing each year. Our mission is to create high quality products for people that love the way of life in the North.

We are proud of our heritage and where we come from. We want to show the world that. 


We strive to always have the best customer service possible.

We strive to deliver high quality products to all of our customers.

We strive, as a company, to stay as sustainable as one can be in the fashion industry. As of right now our goal is to have all of our production made in 100% environmentally friendly materials by 2026.

We want our customers to buy for life. By purchasing high-quality goods that last longer, one can significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

As a brand we strive to stay authentic to our brand-dna and our customers.

We only collaborate with ambassadors or retailers that fit in, in our fundamental values and our business concept.